Monday, March 11, 2013


Antibiotic Resistance Poses 'Catastrophic Threat' To Medicine, Says Britain's Top Health Official


For details:

 "Antimicrobial resistance poses a catastrophic threat. If we don't act now, any one of us could go into hospital in 20 years for minor surgery and die because of an ordinary infection..."

Okay, while it may not be BUGAGGEDON yet, people really need to get off the drugs! That's, antibiotic drugs. With so much of this stuff in our food and in GMO's, the bugs are building super resistance. The threat is not centuries away, but is sitting on our doorstep. More and more we read stories of resistant bacteria and re-emerging diseases that 'got over' the antibiotic onslaught. They are bigger, faster and stronger.

I strongly urge all of the readers here to start using natural remedies for what ails you and to eat foods that will build up the immune system.  Failure to do so may result in danger to you and your children/grandchildren. To many people will not heed this warning, and that's sad.

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