Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"You can't have your pudding, if you don't..."

... eat your meat." Love Pink Floyd. Thank the gods we no longer have to listen to the verbal onslaughts of political commercials. But here's the thing, will anything change? Is there a new mandate. Let's see, Obama is President, the House is controlled by the GOP, and the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats. Sounds familiar.

There is one mandate, the TEA PARTY seems to have been bagged and thrown into Boston Harbor. However, clearly, all of the problems that existed on November 5th exist on November 7th. World economies are a mess. The environment is a boiling cauldron. Major disasters will continue to demand ever dwindling public resources. The droughts, floods, severe storms are not going away. Tectonic plates are rumbling below, and cosmic radiation is raining down from above. The rich are getting richer and the poor are poorer.

If there is to be a new mandate, it must come from you, the people. The problem is that we want the pudding, but don't want to eat the meat.

-We want a cleaner environment, but we want cheap gas.
-We want safe products, but we want cheap products.
-We want jobs, but we want less government and fewer public employees.
-We want to be protected from bad business practices and toxic products, but we want fewer regulations.
-We want services, but don't want to pay for them.
-We want to bring our troops home, but we don't have any real understanding why we are even bothering with places like Afghanistan.
-We want quality education for our kids, but we fire our teachers.
-We want to be protected, but we lay off our police and firemen.
-We want to protect the environment, but we want our beach front property and build in areas prone to disaster.

The list goes on and on. We want the pudding of life but we are unwilling to change our lives so that our actions benefit all and harm none. If we want a new mandate, it will be up to you to send the White House and Congress a clear message When we, as a nation, have resolve, we accomplish great things. From WWI, WWII, to the space race, technology development and solving problems, when we stand united, we are unstoppable. But, when we falter, when we are divided, we fail ourselves and the world.

We are out of time. If we do not unite for a common purpose to basically save our place on this planet: "A nation divided shall perish."

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