Monday, May 14, 2012

The Oldest Ever Mayan Calendar Says - No!
"Reasonable ones among us kept saying for years that Mayans never said anything about the end of the world and apocalypse on December 21, 2012. But mainstream media kept pushing the story and keeping the global population in fear that something terrible is going to happen by the end of this year.
A new find by archaeologists confirms the Mayan calendar indeed does not end this year but keeps going, just like turning a page to a new calendar.
Prophets of doom have been saying that we’re in for an apocalypse(Emphasis added) because that marks the end of the Maya “Long Count” calendar, which was based on a cycle of 13 intervals known as “baktuns,” each lasting 144,000 days. But the researchers behind the latest find, detailed in the journal Science and an upcoming issue of National Geographic, say the writing on the wall runs counter to that bogus belief.
“It’s very clear that the 2012 date, this end of 13 baktuns, while important, was turning the page,” David Stuart, an expert on Maya hieroglyphs at the University of Texas at Austin, told reporters today. “Baktun 14 was going to be coming, and Baktun 15 and Baktun 16. … The Maya calendar is going to keep going, and keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future.”

Truly, the end of the world is not upon us--no Armageddon. HOWEVER, this does not mean no APOCALYPSE! The latter is REVELATION, not destruction. Big difference!


Please look at these images closely---notice anything odd? Can you guess what they are really saying about events after 2012?

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