Friday, April 6, 2012


So I heard this guy say to another, "Happy Good Friday."
"What's so good about it, other than it's Friday?" the other man replied.
"Well, this is the day they whipped, beat and nailed Jesus to the cross."
Perplexed, the man said, "And this Jesus, he was a real bad man?"
"No, no, no," the first man said. "Jesus is our savior.
"Umm, okay, so what's so good that he was beaten and nailed to a cross.?"
"Good grief," the first man said, "aren't you a Christian?"
"Because Jesus died, we are all saved," the first man said, lifting his eyes to some imaginary being in the sky.
"So, because this guy was tortured to death, you don't have to be and that's why this is good?"
"It's not that simple ... you have to believe that he died on the cross for you."
"Let me get this straight, if you believe that this guy was nailed to some wood so you wouldn't have to be, your saved? That you don't have to be held accountable for actions? And, what are you saved from.?"
"Yeah, that's kind of it. You're saved from eternal damnation and torture."
"Who would do such a thing ... eternal damnation?"
"God! Jesus is God's son!"
"Okay, so this God lets his son be tortured and nailed to a cross and if you believe that, he won't do the same thing to you?"
"Umm, yeah, basically. Want to go to church with me and give thanks?"
"No thanks, I think I'll pass on that."

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