Friday, February 24, 2012


While cleaning out the horse stalls thin morning I began to ponder some of the more recent news about the planet. The surge in volcanic activity, the increase in earthquakes, arctic/glacial melting, sea rise and acidification, dead birds, fish and sea mammals, the rise in resistant bacteria, strange Earth noises, solar flares, etc, and I asked myself, "Why is no one paying attention? Why are there not more headlines about these things?"

And then it hit me, it's because there are certain interests in the world that are or will actually benefit from these disasters. These same interests control the vast majority of the world's wealth. And, these interests may actually be either covertly, or inadvertently by design, creating these events. Yeah, I know, conspiracy, nut case, whack job, blah, blah. But, let's talk oil for a second. Many scientists claim that we have passed peak oil production, i.e., what we demand exceeds what's left. Then you look at all of the big oil companies and nations scrambling to get rights to drill in the arctic as it melts as we speak. Clearly, billions of $$$ are at stake in this race to control one frozen oceans and lands. Who benefits?

Look at the effects of droughts and floods on food production. Well, does this not open the door to promote more genetically modified crops; the use of even more fertilizers, and even pesticides? Who benefits? How about an increase in disease from warming climates. So now we need more and newer drugs. Who benefits? Loss of land to sea rise means re-building and higher land values. Who benefits? Rising deaths in third world nations? Perhaps a way for nations to cull out of control population growth?

You have to ask why the world is doing so little in the face of insurmountable evidence that the planet is in rough shape? You have to ask why people aren't up in arms over the raping of the environment and the fact that is falling apart. Who benefits? Why would they care if millions die, there's plenty more. Why would they care if the polar caps melt and the planet gets hotter? It's not like they will suffer. Why, at every turn, do these vested money interests fight tooth and nail every attempt to stop the pollution, the madness, the insane destruction of our only home?

We have seen that vested interests like to bet. They bet on the housing collapse, weather you can re-finance your home, on national stability, on economic failure--perhaps they are betting on how far they can go to disrupt life on Earth, how many people will die, how high the temperature or sea levels will rise.... Or, is it possible that humanity is just too stupid/ignorant to give a damn? Do they believe that someone will just solve all the problems and that it will all just work out?

I can't help but wonder what the betting odds are on 12/21/12.

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