Monday, February 6, 2012


Truly,in the past, we have pulled together to solve pressing problems and to deal with pressing issues. The ad during the Super Bowl indicates that America can do what it sets out to do when we work together. Yes, America is at 1/2 time, trying to figure out what went wrong and how we can fix it. How can we change our game strategy and pull out a win, not just for jobs, but for the environment, our schools, our health care system, our safety net, the poor, homeless and perhaps even the world?

We cannot play the game as we have in the past. We cannot listen to those voices that would deny that the rules have changed. The game is no longer about money, it's about survival of the species. It is not about profit, it's about caring and helping. It's not about how many resources we can consume, but rather it's about how we save and re-use those resources. It's not about drilling, it's about the renewable alternatives. It's not about how much we can take, but about how much we can give. We came out of the locker room only to find a totally different field, with different rules, different players, and different ways to win and lose.

Can we change our game plan? We have to!

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