Monday, November 7, 2011


From the BBC:
"The Italian government's borrowing cost has risen as fears grow over political uncertainty in Rome.

The yield on Italian 10-year bonds rose from 6.37% to a euro-era high of 6.64%, before retreating to 6.53%.

It is feared that Italy, the eurozone's third biggest economy, could become the next victim of the debt crisis"

If you are having a minor problem paying your bills, and investors then UP your interest rate, won't you have a big problem?

Why are we letting investors control and dominate public policy? Isn't this what happened to the housing market. Loan at low rates to iffy customers and then raise interest rate later leading to foreclosure. These 'investors' are doing the same thing to nations. What is there real agenda? Why are they trying to force defaults and punishing the poor and working classes? Why are they 'nation busting?'

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