Wednesday, January 5, 2011


By now you have seen the stories:
Dead fish in Ak, LA, FL, MD, Brazil, New Zealand and who knows where else. We also have birds falling from the skies in the US and Sweden and again, who knows where else.

Many are flocking to web sites thinking we are in the End Times and that perhaps Armageddon is upon us. Certainly, something is happening and has been for a while. The Earth is changing, people are changing, everything is changing at an accelerated rate.

End of the world? No. But things are ending and something new is beginning.

It has been said, at least by me, that humanity learns fastest when faced with hard lessons. At least that has been our history. All of the major prophecies have said that we will come to a time when choices about our reality will have to be made. Science now tells us, about time actually, that we literally create our real world with the choices we make. Biology tells us that major evolutions occurs when environmental strees is greatest. And, many scientists have said that the planet has reached its tipping point with regard to climate change-dramatic change.

Is this what the fish and birds are saying? It is quite possible as they are more sensitive to magnetic shifts and subtle energies-even my animals have been acting a bit strange lately. But if any battle is going to fought, it will not be the religious dogma battle of good vs evil. However, it is a struggle between the old and the new. Books like the Waking God Trilogy and those concerned with the Law of Attraction speak to these issues.

Consider this: we now live in a climate of fear and, for many, despair. Much of this has been brought on by the greed of Wall Street and our own blind desire to consume without regard for consequence. People fear for their jobs and their homes and for many more things. Fear creates disease and mass fear creates many of the problems facing our planet-including natural disasters.

The Mayans, Nostradamus, the Hopi, daVinci and many more have provided sign posts that bring us to this moment. If more negative news should come-do not fall prey to fear, as that will only create more negative news. Instead, vision with all of your creative ability a world at peace, in balance and with properity for all-especially for Mother Earth!

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