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A Maine Christmas Carol - a modern version of the fairy tale

Philip Harris' A Christmas Carol Maine, a modern take on the story of Charles Dickens' 'Christmas past, present and future in a middle class setting is a New England vacation experience for readers of all ages. The spirit of the original story is refined into a story the best, but also unravels the sad experiences of a contemporary Scrooge destroyed the name of Thomas, as he "sees" Christmas with his spirit guide.

The development of the classic life of a beleaguered and very poor young spirit in the face of the consequences of their selfish actions is sent with messages for the socially irresponsible of our life and times are layered. A Maine Christmas Carol is a powerful parable of the evils of advanced society should not be controlled and kept inexplicable.

through the eyes of the mind, Thomas sees that he is indeed responsible for the happiness of others, his actions did not deeply affect those who come into contact with him. By the owner of the shop of her sister's eight years, his actions have a deep and lasting mark. Even more critical is to note that the influence of the wave of the tsunami, like his acts, facts, and the lack of success, he will never meet. What did with his life is as important as what he had done his first 16 years.

In Harris' A Christmas Carol Maine, a new family tradition was born. The writing style simple conversation, the logical course of history,and turn the original story, this book is a new classic that will go on the shelf right next morality original Dickens' story. Harris has done an excellent job of weaving Thomas profound experience of redemption with the underlying issues of social justice and poverty.

A Maine Christmas Carol is the explicit proof of the relationship of the privileged class in our country that fails to address the social problems of our society. Philip Harris has clearly and clearly a different and allegory that redefines the meaning of Christmas, a new generation of readers.

A Maine Christmas Carol

Philip F. Harris

Released: Cambridge Books 2007


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tarryn said...

Well it sounds awfully familiar, I must say a very well written article though. A fairy tale should always be good hearted, at least I like to believe that.. tarryn