Saturday, September 18, 2010


Time moves swiftly and many are wondering what 2012 will bring. From the Mayans to Nostradamus, there are many wondering if 12/21/12 will be our doom or our salvation. Some even say the events that are embedded in prophecy may occur in 2011-just around the corner.

Reality is of our choosing, that is the clear message from the ancients and even the much misunderstood Nostradamus. Our choices today determine our reality tomorrow. So what sign posts must we watch to see what may happen in the near future? What precipitating events will determine our tomorrows. As in the Twilight Zone, there are sign posts along the way on our journey that will tell where we are headed. Things to watch for include:
1-American politics. If the Tea Party scores major successes this November and the American political scene is one of turmoil, division and confusion, then 2012 will not be kind.
2-If vested money interests manage to kill, dilute and continue their rampage against the environment, expect Mother to act accordingly.
3-If Palestine and Israel fail to reach an accord, expect major violence in the Middle East that will affect all.
4-If the monied interests have their way and the economy continues to falter-the rich get even more rich and the middle class continues its decline, expect domestic violence.
5-If China and America and the EU cannot reach trade and monetary accords, expect more economic world calamity.
6-If preparations are not made to effectively help those that will face environmental adjustments-floods, droughts, water shortage, dwindling food supplies, etc, expect the effects to impact all, not just those who suffer directly.
7-Religious fundamentalism-If right wing interests continue to increase their control over worn out religious dogma, then the movement to create a more sustainable human environment will be in jeopardy.

These are events whose outcomes will create the tapestry of 2012. All of them can and do create an environment of fear that will result in the worst of scenarios. Make no mistake, the seeds we have sown will come to fruition. But whether the rotten fruit are short lived or predominate over our thought process is a choice all must make.

Are there ways around the worst case scenarios? Yes. Can you come through these times of change unscathed? Yes. Do the prophecies of the likes of the Hopi, I Ching, Mayas, and Nostradamus show an alternative way? Yes. More on those topics later, but not much later!

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