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WE ALL ARE SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS AND WE ALL HOPE THAT THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT WILL LEAD US TO THOSE ANSWERS. This book is about a search that seeks the answers to questions that have plagued many in recent years!

About Promises Kept

Promises Kept is Faith’s story, an unforgettable young woman whose life’s journey has been filled with uncertainty, of searching for people and answers that others take for granted. Compassionate and courageous, she never gives up, showing strength and character beyond her years. It is also the story about the power of the human spirit, of family, friends and love.
After finding the father she never knew until adulthood, and graduating law school, Faith is focused on bringing down the priest who abused her father as a child. She wants the cunning, deceitful cleric put behind bars long enough that no other young boy will ever have to fear his touch. She takes on a veteran, highly experienced and shrewd Boston lawyer. He underestimates her passion for justice, her fight for right against a wrong.
The story transforms from the legal battle on behalf of her father into a beautiful love story as she falls madly in love with her colleague, Tyler England. Soon, her fighting instincts are called on like never before. Only this time her intelligence, perseverance and resolve may not be enough.

About Cindy Bradford

Cindy Bradford is the author of Keeping Faith and Promises Kept, recently released on Amazon. She lives at South Padre Island, Texas, where she loves the peacefulness of the Gulf of Mexico. She tries to spend several months a year at her condo in Ruidoso, New Mexico, since she has a view of the Sierra Blanca Mountains, and therefore, the best of both worlds. A native Texan, Cindy spent her childhood in East Texas before living in central, northern, and now the southernmost part of the state.
Cindy has a B.A. in English and journalism from Baylor University and a master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas. As a college student, she worked at a city newspaper and wrote for the university newspaper. She was also editor of the Baylor literary magazine, for which she won a university graphic arts award.
She started her career in education as a high school teacher and quickly became director of communications, a position that allowed her to use her writing skills and creative talents. Within months of being hired for that position, she was named Rookie of the Year by the Texas School Public Relations Association. She held several other administrative positions before becoming a superintendent of schools in the Dallas area. Following a lengthy career in public education, she served seven years as a tenured associate professor for the University of Texas system. Prior to writing fiction, she wrote numerous professional articles that were published in various journals and educational periodicals. She also enjoys writing poetry when time permits.
Dr. Bradford is an avid traveler and has visited more than 40 countries, plus numerous states and islands in the last ten years. Her other hobbies include gardening, cooking, and reading. Tasting, drinking, collecting, and reading about different wines and the countries that produce them is a passion of the author. She often incorporates her knowledge of wine into her writings and shares the many beautiful places she has visited, known for outstanding wines, with her readers. She is currently working on two more novels.

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Chris Cobb said...

The subject matter of both Keeping Faith & Promises Kept is one that has many people shaking their head.

Cindy has taken a very intense subject and handled it extremely well and without violating our sensibilities.

Cindy Bradford said...

What a great website you have Philip. Thank you for hosting me today. Believe me, it was the best thing that happened to me today. Murphy's Law was in full swing!!