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It is interesting to study and look up words in the Bible. For example, if you look for the word “saviour” in the Bible, these are the only references in the four Gospels: LUKE 1:47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my SAVIOUR: LUKE 2:11 city of David a SAVIOUR, which is Christ the Lord; and, JOHN 4:42 is indeed the Christ, the SAVIOUR of the world. None of these words were spoken by Jesus and none specifically say that Jesus is saviour. Luke and John say that Christ is the saviour, but did they mean Jesus or were they referring to the concept of God within man, the Christ in each of us, is a saviour?
I am sure that fundamentalist, most whom have probably not even bothered to do this kind of search, would insist that “of course the reference is to Jesus” and it does not matter that Jesus never called himself the saviour. I think there is a great stretch of imagination and wishful thing here.
If you look for the word “save,” there is no reference that Jesus died or gave his life to “save” you from your sins.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - I can always count on my Maine Man Phil for bold "in your religious face" post titles and subject matters. Of course it is the Christ within us that is the savior, and Jesus represents our potential. Some scholars question the veracity of an actual historical crucifixion and upon that basis decry the Way of Christ as phony. That's silly. Even if there was no physical crucifixion of a historical man named Jesus, the metaphor of taking up your cross and nailing all your sins (errors, misguided and unenlightened thoughts and actions) to it and dying unto your small self in order to awaken to your higher self is the real message and meaning of Christ.


Thanks Marv and that is exactly the point. I wish people could see with your eyes-until they do, they will be trapped in that servitude you talked about on your blog. If people could look within, instead of without, for their evolution, there would be a massive shift in consciousness. Hopefully, 2012 will bring that shift. Humanity must come to the understanding that they are not off the hook because a Holy man died a couple of thousand years ago. As long as they believe that, the world will be a mess. You cannot sin (miss the mark) 6 days a week and they be let off the hook on the seventh and then start the cycle all over again.


I received the following comment from another site-very interesting!

jesusfreeqdad wrote today at 4:08 PM
JESUS is the original "Christ". We are called "Christians" which means, "little christs" And if you truly researched scripture as you say you did, you would know that in not only one but SEVERAL places it says that JESUS came to save us from our sins, and also says that He came to die for the sins of ALL mankind (past, present and future).

If you are the student of the Bible that you claim to be, you'll be able to find the places where it says that yourself.

And just so you know, many "fundamentalists" are called that BECAUSE they have done deeper studies of the Bible than the average person and know from their studies that GOD wants His followers to keep to the "fundamentals" of His Word, and not try to develop their own "theories" of what it says based on limited knowledge, as you're doing here...

Keep'll get there... =)

I have to wonder if they actually read the whole post. I have to wonder why they do not show me where Jesus says that he came to save us from our sins.

People just repeat dogma. But I guess they showed me the 'way.' The way to the toilet.