Saturday, February 7, 2009


Anyone who has ever built or remodeled a house knows that the right tools for the job makes things go a lot easier. Currently, we are in the process of re-building our economy, politics, social life and even the very nature of our spirituality. The old structures and dogmas are in decay and are, in fact, terminally ill. Many are looking for guidance and news ways of doing things. From worn out health care systems to worn out religions, humanity is on a quest – willing to explore the new and the innovative. As society entered the Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution, a great deal of ancient wisdom was lost and ignored; we through our spirituality out with the ‘bath water.’ If it was ancient, it was relegated to the abyss of must caves. Times are definitely changing. Google the Law of Attraction and almost 10, 000,000 web sites emerge.

It has been said that “all that is hidden shall be revealed.” Today, from Oprah to Larry King and just about every useful talk show, those who are willing to guide humanity into a Great Awakening are emerging. Books, videos, guest speakers, teleseminars, webinars, YouTube, social networks and the internet are the new outlets for this growing resurgence, and perhaps insurgent, wave of spirituality. Everything is evolving at a rapid pace and one tool that will help you keep pace is a new magazine called, VOICES OF THE ANGELS. No, this is not a religious magazine.

Voice of the Magazine - A magazine for multi-dimensional living is a quarterly publication whose mission is to provide people with tools for self-empowerment. They present articles, cutting edge information and products for helping people get beyond current perceptions, perspectives, belief in limitations, and for moving forward on the path to mind, body, and spirit oneness and enlightenment.

In our Spring, 2009 issue they present information on such topics as "Nostradamus and the Tarot Code" by Philip Harris, "Your Soul's Plan - Did You Plan Your Life Before Birth?" by Robert Schwartz, "Beyond the Law of Attraction - What No One is Telling You," and "What is Multi-Dimensional Living" by Dyan Garris. And we find out why chakra balance is so important to manifesting and virtually everything we do. They explore small space living with Jay Shafer who has made an art form out of living happily and efficiently in less than 100 square feet. They delve into crystal healing with Ashley Dalke and we discover the beauty and effectiveness of Vogel healing tools with Ann Churchman.

While other similar magazines focus on self-improvement from a mind-body perspective, and barely scratch the surface of incorporating the spirit into our daily lives, this one takes everything several steps further with the approach of helping people live as integrated, whole human beings. It's no longer enough to "improve." The editor says, “We must empower ourselves as we move forward into ascension. It's time to fully integrate into expanded consciousness.”
So who are the Angels behind the voices?

For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. Throughout her career she has taught many people how to use the power of the energy contained in their chakras to unblock the energy field, and use the techniques of integrative healing to unlock their potential and transform themselves into the best they can be. She is the creator of a Spiritual Toolbox™ full of tools for people to use for multi-dimensional living and transformational, integrative healing. She is author of several books and "Voice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards." Ms. Garris is a #1 charting New Age musician and composed a series of CDs for Automatic Chakra Balance™, relaxation, help in sleeping, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Garris is a frequent radio guest and is the author of numerous articles on manifesting and self-empowerment. Dyan was featured on the cover of "Self-Improvement Magazine" in their December/January issue. More information: Media inquiries: Nikki Leigh. Music promotion: Ed Bonk. Please note: Ms. Garris also provides Manifesting Therapy.

Ann Churchman has over 15 years of experience as a counselor utilizing numerous healing modalities. She has extensive training with children, adolescents, and families in a variety of treatment settings. Her educational background is in Clinical Psychology and more recently, her training has focused on a spiritual approach to helping others. Ann's true aspiration in life is to help others through her career as Editor for Voice of the Magazine. Ann offers Angel Readings where she will channel your team of angels and share the loving messages your angels wish for you to hear.

There are many more contributors to the Voices so you are urged to go to their web site for more details. The following URL will also give you a YouTube synopsis of the magazine: . In March, the first hard copy of the magazine will be issued and will hit many New Age/ Spiritual stores. Add this magazine to your growing arsenal of tolls as we re-build the world.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great rag - much needed.

AnnChurchman said...


Thank you for your support of Voice of the Magazine. Your are a shining STAR in my book!

Your friend, Ann