Thursday, January 8, 2009


Despite early skepticism, President–Elect Obama defeated all of the odds to win the 2008 election. Why and how did this happen? Is Obama the right man to lead us toward 2012? Was his vision of our future just what the seers ordered in what many feel this is the Time Troubles? Does his election mean that, perhaps, America is back on the right track to regaining world confidence that we can lead others into a new golden age? HOW OBAMA WON, by Earl Hutchinson, explains the how’s and why’s of Obama’s victory in a brave new look at our 44th President. Only time will tell if Obama is the right choice, but Hutchinson tells us now why the choice was made.
CHAPTER 3 (Excerpt) - t Was Still the Economy Stupid
In a two minute nationally paid campaign broadcast billed as a "presidential style" talk to the nation in mid September, 2008, Obama talked about one issue, and one issue only, the economy. There wasn't much new in his talk. But it really didn’t have to be anything new. Polls by then showed the economy; or rather the train wreck of the economy was really the only thing on voter’s minds.
Obama again vowed to cut taxes for the middle-class, clean up Wall Street's mess, and create lots of jobs for everybody. He aimed to firmly seize back the high ground on the defining issue of economic misery of the middle and working class, the Bush-GOP caused economic misery that is. This was widely regarded as his sure fire ticket to the White House. It was a play on the old political truism that it's the economy stupid that wins or loses presidential elections.
From day one of campaign 2008 the enshrined article of political faith was that voters were so furious at Bush for causing massive plant closings, farm failures, corporate bungling, fraud and corruption, the housing collapse, soaring gas prices, and the wholesale flight of jobs to the far corners of the planet, that all a Democratic presidential contender had to do to win was pass the breath test on Election Day. It of course wasn’t quite that simple.
How Obama Won is a provocative, hard hitting critical assessment of the issues, events, forces, politics, pressures and controversy that shaped and ensnared Barack Obama in his historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the key political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women and blue collar white worker votes, the role of corporation and special interests in American politics.

Hutchinson tells what the first African-American to win the White House means to America and the world.

How Obama Won

Hutchinson tells why:
• Race was not a factor in Obama’s win

• The Iraq war and the terrorism were not compelling issues in the campaign

• Sarah Palin hurt McCain

• Many blue collar whites and rural voters supported Obama

• Obama was able to top McCain in fundraising

• Ultraconservatives did not unite behind McCain

• The economy ultimately sunk McCain

• Obama’s win will and won’t change politics in America
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a nationally acclaimed author and political analyst.

He is a frequent guest analyst on:

The John Gibson Show

O'Reilly Show

Hannity & Colmes

Glenn Beck Show

PBS Lehrer Report,

NPR's Talk of the Nation

Various CNN News Shows.

He is the National Political Writer for New America Media and a regular contributor to: the Huffington Post, and BlackAmericaWeb.Com

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Nikki Leigh said...

Hi Phil

Thank you for sharing info with your readers about How Obama Won. I've been filling orders for the book this week and making frequent trips to the post office - I'm getting great feedback from people when they see the book. Its even available on Ebay now :)

Nikki Leigh

Anonymous said...

"Race was not a factor in Obama’s win."

Disagree. Wish I had kept the url to a Howard Stern clip (posted it on Free Spirit) where he sent two impostors posing as journalists into the African American neighborhoods asking them who they were voting for.

All were voting for Obama. Gotta vote for the brother, right? But when asked WHY? Did they agree with his policies, the impostors posed questions based on McCain's platform.

"So you're in favor of small government and less taxes?"

"Yes, that's why I support Obama."

"And you are against abortion?"

"Yes, that's why I support Obama."

It was hilarious and also frightening. The uneducated, uninformed, enenlightened proletariate elects our leaders. But of course our elected "leaders" have no real ability to lead. They are OWNED by those who paid to get them elected and have duped the masses to vote for their "Chosen One."

Nikki Leigh said...

Hi Marvin

There was definitely a certain amount of that and people voting for him because they wanted to tell their grandchildren they wanted to be able to say they voted for the first black president.

But a couple of the things he focuses on in the book are that the "Bradley Effect" wasn't really an issue in this election and it was certainly talked about during all the campaigning. White Americans showed a definite willingness to support and vote for a black man for the highest office in the land. Also the fact that Obama's campaign made an effort not to use race in the campaign.

I was talking to a black man that I know today and he said that he doesn't think anything special about Obama, but he will be at the inauguration because its a historic event. That and the hope that this can bring some needed changes for black Americans. We all know that only time will tell if he will make a difference or a positive difference.

Many people supported Obama simply because they want change. That's understandable and I agree this country needs serious change. But, now that the election is over, people and the media are realizing that we know very little about this man who caused such a stir during the last two years. Earl's been writing about how it will be a short "honeymoon" with Obama because the expectations are so high --- actually way too high. I emailed him earlier this evening about how the "honeymoon" already seem to be in trouble and we haven't even gotten to the inauguration yet.