Saturday, November 22, 2008


Just in time for the BIG EAT (Thanksgiving) I thought I would post an excerpt from my new book, POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARD PERFECTION released by Cambridge Books and available on


I HAVE DEVELOPED A REVOLUTIONARY NEW WAY TO STAY TRIM, FEEL FIT, LIVE LONGER, AND STAY HEALTHY! All you have to do is to polarize your thoughts towards physical perfection.

Sorry for the hype, but we see this all of the time. Buy this book, take these miracle vitamins from dinosaur bones, diet pills that are “guaranteed to work,” eat carbs, eat protein, avoid this and that, what the stars are doing, and on and on. Some of the hype is well intentioned and some is just intending to get your money. So what works and what doesn’t?

The real “secret” to living healthier, longer, and feeling physically good is simple. EAT NATURALLY! By this I do not mean following the ever changing USDA guidelines and their food pyramid. I do not even mean spending a fortune on exotic health foods. Hey, if you can afford and you like, sure, try some of the specialty health foods but you do not need to fixate on this method of eating.
It is does not take a genius to understand that if you eat a variety of foods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean and white meat (if you have to), a few sweets (preferably homemade), drink real water, eliminate soda, greatly reduce dairy, a little caffeine and reduce alcohol consumption, you will live a healthier life. Forget the fad diets and forget relying on pills or supplements to make you feel good. The supplements may be needed for some medical reason, and that is fine, but you do not need to load your system with tons of them as a substitute for proper eating. We all know that gorging yourself will make you ill, and that smaller portions, eaten more frequently, is healthier.

People tend to want the quick fix for a healthier life. There really is none; health will not come in a bottle. You need to polarize your thoughts away from the hype and fads towards a more natural way of eating. We all know that mass consumption of fast foods will kill you or at least cause disease. We know better, we are just too lazy to live a better life. Quick foods and a quick lifestyle will lead to an early grave and to a stressful life. This does not mean that you should deny yourself treats. That denial often results in binge eating. In his book, Natural Health, Natural Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil says, “Diet has the distinction of being the only major determinant of health that is completely under your control.” In terms of special food regimens or diets aimed at improving health, Weil says, “The mental shift (represented by the decision to follow a demanding nutritional program) may be more important than the specifics of the program.” In essence, shifting your thought pattern is more important than the actual change in the foods consumed.

Remember, the food industry is controlled by the food industry. Almost all of the ads and research you see promoting new diets, new supplements, and what you should eat are funded by the food industry. There opinions are definitely biased towards whatever product or food they supply. Many foods that you probably eat are addictive! By adjusting the ingredients, food suppliers have been able to hook you onto certain foods. It is almost like the tobacco industry when it was discovered that they included ingredients in their products that increased addiction. Sugar, in all of it many forms, is addictive. Look at your prepared food product labels and you often see sugar or corn syrup in the top of the list. You are addicted to sugar...

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Anonymous said...

Hey here's an idea. How about a recipe book? A shot of you on the cover with your apron on and spatula in hand, the kitchen is actually on fire, but you're smiling cuz attitude is everything!!

Whaddaya think? Mebbe title it, "Phil's Burns" or something.