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About Automatic Chaka Balance™ DVD (Balance your chakras in 10 minutes)
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Manifesting Therapy with Dyan Garris

Manifesting Therapy is for those that have studied the Law of Attraction and The Secret, and tried almost everything to attract and manifest abundance, prosperity, and money to little or no avail. Some of you may even have read my book Money and Manifesting, but still feel stuck. Let's explore exactly what is still in your way. Let's get to the root of it so you can move forward on the path. For more details, visit

About Dyan Garris
Dyan Garris has helped many people move forward in their lives with her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Dyan is a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. She became aware of her gifts early in life and has helped many people learn to use the power contained in their chakras to be the best they can be. She has created a CD series of music and meditation for healing, chakra balancing, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Each CD vibrates to a specific chakra and contains several tracks of music plus a guided meditation. She is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. (©1994 - 2008) and “Voice of the Angels – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking,” “The Book of Daily Channeled Messages” and “Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea.” She also writes a “Daily Channeled Message.”

I have asked Dyan several questions about the nature of her work and the tools she offers to enable people to alter their lives and their reality. What follows are the questions and her responses:

1.What exactly does it mean to balance your Chakras?
Balancing your chakras means that you’ve brought your etheric body into balance with your physical body. You’ve cleared and opened an energy pathway.

2.How does one even know if Chakras are out of balance?
Chakras are part of our bodies. Just as an arm or leg is connected to the physical body, the chakras are also connected to our physical body and to each other. When an arm or leg is out of joint, we can feel it. It’s the same with chakras. If you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life, no doubt your chakras are out of balance.

3.What happens if Chakras are out of balance?
When something is out of balance in the physical body, we feel it as pain or as something not being quite right. When our energy field/chakras are out of balance, it eventually causes imbalance in the physical body and also in our outer lives. The whole car drives much smoother when the tires are aligned and balanced.

4.It takes only ten minutes? How will I feel when this is done?
“Doors To The Soul” DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance™ is designed to clear and balance the chakra system in about ten minutes. You will feel relaxed, calm, and balanced. You will feel as if you’ve been gone for hours. And you will find that it keeps on working for hours after.

5.What do you mean when you say that your music helps to achieve vibrational attunement?
To be vibrationally attuned means that the mind, body, and spirit are working together in harmony. My music and meditations are designed to bring about harmony through harmony.

6.How often should a person listen to your music in order to achieve maximum benefit?
The first six CDs in the now completed series of eight are music and meditation. But I also did two music only compilations for those that don’t want to go on the guided “journeys.” And “Release” and “Eight” are also music only. The music gets more complex as you go on in the series. For a person to derive maximum benefit, they should go through the whole series and listen on a daily basis until they feel ready to move to the next one. However, it’s also beneficial to choose just one CD that you feel a particular resonance with and then listen to it daily until you see changes in your life

7.What is “Manifesting Therapy” and how does it generally work?
Manifesting Therapy is something I came up with to help people get to the very root of what is in their way of manifesting. It’s done as a private phone session. It’s part psychic reading because I’m tuning in to the person’s energy and seeing exactly what’s in their way. It’s part therapy because the focus is on manifesting and what they can do to manifest their desires, rather than on me answering questions such as “Who will I marry, when will my boyfriend/girlfriend call me, or when will I meet someone new?”

8.Are there specific aspects of one’s life that will not benefit from the use of your music and other transformational tools?
My tools are designed to effect positive change on all levels and multi-dimensionally.

9.What expectations should one have when using your music to enhance life?
They can expect that their life will change for the better. It seems like such a simple thing – music - and it is. But it’s also very powerful. Sometimes we make positive change much more difficult than it needs to be.

10.In your opinion, what is the secret to using the “Secret?”
One secret is to begin to understand the Law of Attraction as but one step in the process of manifesting. The other secret is that creation does not take place in the mind. We cannot create a child using only the power of our mind.

11.If a person is following the news, it is obvious that things aren’t exactly kosher. What overall advice would give to those who are caught up in the illusion of fear and despair?
Understand that fear begets more fear. When you buy into it and invest in it you’re basically feeding the monster. Figure out who you really are without your money/pieces of paper, possessions, and things. Get to the root of what it is you’re really so fearful about anyway. Fear blocks the energy of creation. Fear renders you immobile and paralyzed and keeps you in victim mode. Go about your business and know that you’re just fine. Everything moves in rhythm and cycles. This too shall pass.

To learn more about Dyan Garris – visit her website, and view a sample from her Automatic Chakra Balance DVD at For more details about manifest therapy, visit You can also listen to samples of Dyan’s music at
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Hello Mr. Philip. I appreciate you hosting me here today. I loved this interview! You always ask such thought provoking questions. I'll be checking in throughout the day to answer any questions your readers may have.

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