Friday, August 29, 2008


Dear John McCain. You blew it. I applaud the fact that you chose a female for your VP candidate. However, we know it was done for pure political reasons, we would expect nothing else. But, is she the most qualified female you could find? Are there not other females that at least have some experience that make them qualified to take over the Oval Office in case of an emergency?

capacitated? Do you sincerely think that a self-proclaimed “hockey mom” would be in a position to confront Putin, Iran, terrorism, a depressing economy and global climate change? What do you expect her to do; challenge Russia to a snowmobile race and the winner takes the Georgia?
Maybe if she had been governor for four years and then a U.S. Senator she would be a good pick. But I stated in earlier blogs that this election’s choice of VP candidates would be critical as to the outcome of the race. You have chosen a candidate that is not, in my opinion, qualified to run this nation should you fall to ill health. Should you become disabled, the power vacuum would be filled by those who have not led us into the twenty-first century with a strong sense of leadership or partnership with friends abroad. Just because Palin is a woman that all females will flock to your support is very presumptive and na├»ve.
So Dear John, Americans deserve the best and I do not believe you have offered us the best in your choice for VP. For what it is worth, I am now an official Obama/Biden supporter.


Marvin D. Wilson said...

I feel ya bro- Personally, I'm lobbying for a "none of the above" choice this November. This has been the most pointless wanton political morass of a pathetic display in Democratic futility I've seen in a Presidential campaign in many a term.

They both give me hives.

Owen Fiddler said...

It don't matter one bit who gets elected. They're all gonna tax me to death and none of them pollytishuns give a (bleep) about little guys like me anyways.