Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The G8 leaders are leading us down a path of destruction all in the name of money, oil and power. The recent meeting between United States, Japan, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada claimed to make headway in response to mounting concerns and evidence at the rapid pace of global climate change. According to the AP:
The G-8 endorsed cutting global emissions of greenhouse gases by 50 percent by 2050 and called for emitters to set midterm reduction targets.
Advocates seeking deeper commitments lamented that the countries did set ambitious midterm targets for emissions cuts by 2020.
"At this rate, by 2050 the world will be cooked and the G-8 leaders will be long forgotten," said Antonio Hill, spokesman for Oxfam International, a confederation of organizations that work on climate change, poverty and other causes. "Rather than a breakthrough, the G-8's announcement on 2050 is another stalling tactic," he said.
DEB RIECHMANN,Associated Press Writer AP - Wednesday, July 9

This is a clear case of politics and special interests taking precedent over science, logic and even compassion. All legitimate scientific data indicates that the pace of climate change is happening much quicker than predicted by most computer models. Mere by reading news reports on sinking island nations, the destruction of coral reefs, increased severity of storms, and growing droughts are clear indicators that doing little to alter our impact on the environment for the next forty years is not a plan of action, but rather a plan of global suicide. Take a look at the recent report about Russia:
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Global warming will sow destruction across Russia and ex-Soviet states, a report said on Tuesday after the world's richest countries issued targets on harmful emissions that environmentalists criticized as too soft

"We must understand that damage caused by climate change is here and now rather than a problem in the distant future, in distant lands," WWF's director in Russia, Igor Chestin, said in a statement alongside the report.
"There's a lot at stake, including our health and even our lives."
Aalok Mehta aboard the C.C.G.S. Amundsen

The comments were made concerning the growing concern over the thawing of the Russian Tundra and its effect on everything from food production to collapsing infrastructure. From the National Geographic News (June, 20, 2008) we read:
Arctic warming has become so dramatic that the North Pole may melt this summer…Models predict that the regions will see temperature increases roughly three times as quickly as the rest of the globe because of an effect known as ice albedo feedback, which occurs when highly reflective ice gives way to dark water.

And, according to AP writer H. JOSEF HEBERT (Jul 8, 2008), “ Seeking to downplay the effects of global warming, Vice President Dick Cheney's office pushed to delete references about the consequences of climate change on public health from congressional testimony, a former senior EPA official claimed Tuesday.” Perhaps this is an issue that questions whether or not the world governments should tell the people that an asteroid is about to hit the planet and kill everyone. Do people have the right to know or should we avoid panic and just let it happen without any announcement?

Everyone should be asking the question, “Why the delay in action?” Why are the world’s leading nations afraid to take strong and immediate action to dramatically stem the climatic onslaught now predicted by most major scientific leaders? Things are happening in our solar system, on the Sun and on our planet that will alter human history. While we may not be able to change cosmic events, we can certainly prepare the world for major change. Business as usual can no longer be acceptable practice. Only a few short years will determine if there is anything to the prophecies surrounding 2012. But it is clear today, that things are changing. Why are our politicians stuck in neutral? Whose interests do they serve? Perhaps the internet group “Humanity on Trial.ning.com” should consider indicting the G8 leaders?

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Dan said...

Unfortunatly Corporations are in control of the mainstream media. World citizens are numb towards world problems because of their "Not In My Backyard" mentality. The crisis of New Orlands didn't even really wake the US up. The 4th Admandment is gone and no one cares.

Humans will have to adapt to their enviroment or go the way of the Dodo bird.

I saw on [Master Mind Power Group] you are giving away previews of your new book in exchange for reviews. Let me know if you would want me to give a review. I can be reached @ dan.strongman@gmail.com and http://dangilliland.wordpress.com