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OWEN FIDLER by Marvin Wilson is a “stop and make you think” book. The main character, Owen, is like many people we know, perhaps our neighbors, perhaps even ourselves. His outlook on life would be laughable if it was not so common and predominant in our culture. Marvin brings us some important messages in this latest work; messages that all would do well to ponder in this age of turmoil.

I had the pleasure of interviewing OWEN FIDDLER! We discussed his views on politics, the environment, oil, religion and a few other hot topics. This interview will give you an inside look at what makes Owen tick and hopefully will lead you to explore his character and life in Marvin Wilson satire on this contemporary “nowhere man.”

(Phil) Mr. Fiddler, you seem to have had a rough childhood. Do you think that society owes you a better life now that you are an adult?
(Owen) Better life? How about A life! I got more month than money, no future worth a (bleep) and if gas prices go any higher I’m gonna lose what little of my mind I got left. Society owes me? Well, it sure ain’t helped me none, that for damn sure.
(Phil) What do you think about welfare and programs aimed at helping the poor?
(Owen) Cancel ‘em – all of ‘em. Nothin’ worse than lazy third generation welfare recipients laying around on their fat asses collectin’ free money from my over-taxed-hard-earned-meager little income.
(Phil) Do you think the government should do more to protect the environment?
(Owen) Well, I’m no tree-hugger or nothin’ like that, but I’m not stupid either. The government does more to protect its own interests than it does to protect the environment. Fat cats, with their fat incomes and their luxurious spending allowances and free health care, voting themselves raises while us down-on-our-luck folks’re tryin’ to eke out a living. Sucks.
(Phil) What is your view on all the oil we import?
(Owen) What the hell difference does it matter what my view is? The government don’t give a damn what I think. It’s all a scam. The politicians and the super-rich got it all figured out. We proles get these news flashes that the price of oil is gonna go up cuz there’s been an outbreak of mumps in Istanbul or some lame (bleep) like that, and we just gotta bend over and take it up the (bleep) while they sit back and laugh at us poor suckers as we line up at the filling stations and pour out our blood for a (bleep)ing gallon of gas.
(Phil) What do you feel are the major problems in America?
(Owen) Man, you’re makin’ my head hurt with all this heavy (bleep). Ahm, okay, lets see – major problems in America. Well, taxes are too high, the government spends those taxes on bull(bleep) instead of stuff that would help the little guy, the judicial system favors the wealthy, the prisons are breeding grounds for contempt of society and criminal intelligence, the educational system isn’t worth a (bleep) for folks from the lower middle class down, and the price of a cup of coffee is too (bleep)ing much. How ‘bout that for starters? I could write a book. Fact, I might just bring that up to Marvin.
(Phil) Are you a religious man? And if so, what do you think about gay marriage and the curent moral fiber of America?
(Owen) Religious? No, no, nooooo – hell, no. I know how to ACT all religious, you know, go to church and play that game. Buncha phonies, that’s what religious people are, ask me. All smiles in your face ‘n talkin’ behind your back. I read the Bible, y’know, when I was a kid. Mom made me. Jesus, he was all right. I couldn’t never be nothin’ like him, though. Turn the other cheek, love your enemy, ya can’t get ahead in life tryin’ to live like that. But at least I’m honest about it. Church folks I’ve known talk that (bleep) but they don’t walk it.

Oh, gays? Each to his own, that’s what I say. Just don’t get in my face with it. If same sex couples wanna get married ‘n diddle each other ‘til death do ‘em part, that’s their business. The current moral fiber of America isn’t really anything I have any business judging – I’m not a very ethical person myself. But I ain’t about to judge others, I ain’t no holier than thou kinda guy.
(Phil) If you were elected president, how would you deal with our allies? What would you do about Iraq and terrorism?
(Owen) First of all, if I were ever elected president, then this country’s already gone to hell in a hand basket! (laughs – then pauses, gets a serious look) I guess I’d try ‘n keep everybody happy, our allies. Those terrorists scare the bejeebers outa me, though. They’re crazy, man. I can’t imagine believin’ in somethin’ enough to die over it. I’m kind of a wild and crazy son-of-a-(bleep), but those cats‘re outa their flippin’ minds. See, that’s another thing – ‘bout religion – that I can’t stand. Like I say, I ain’t no role model or nothin’ but I ain’t stupid, either. I read the Bible and the Koran – It’s the same thing – the same god. Why the hell are Jews and Muslims killing each other? Where’s the rub? I don’t get it. And I don’t want no part of it.
(Phil) What advice would you give the youth of today?
(Owen) Man – you just don’t stop, do you? Who the hell would get any use out of advice from the likes of me? (sigh) I dunno – don’t be like me, that’s for sure. Read my book – Marvin tells me it’s got some kinda spiritual message that’s really great for people getting’ along with each other – s’posed ta be some magical kinda wonderful experience I’m gonna have. (gets a mock look of holiness) I’m a changed person! (laughs) But I really can’t tell ya. I don’t much believe in all that mumbo-jumbo spiritual spooky stuff. Seein’s believin’ – that’s me.
(Phil) What is the key to happiness?
(Owen) I don’t know. I know I don’t have it. Marvin says I’m gonna find it, but I’ll have to see it to believe it.
OWEN FIDDLER was published in 2008 by Cambridge Books.
You can visit Marvin Wilson at: Owen Fiddler and Rock of All


Nikki Leigh - Author said...
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Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Sorry - messed up the first comment :)

I must say that Owen is a very colorful "character". You provided a few Friday morning laughs and I was surprised to see how many ideas I agree with. I don't usually say it so "colorfully", but you make some good points :)

Nikki Leigh

Joyce Anthony said...

I should have known Phil would bring out the "complete" Owen :-) Great way to start my day you three (Phil, Owen and Marvin!!).

Nina M. Osier said...

Oh, yes, I know some folks like Owen! Great interview, Marvin and Phil.

E_Joyce said...

It would be more interesting if Owen has something of substance to say. The reiteration of stereotypical points of view through a mythical third party does not offer much substance. Case in point: those on welfare are there for diverse reasons,i.e., abandoned stay-at-home moms who are left with children to feed and house,especially those whose children have physical disabilities and need Medicaid to take their child to the doctor, while trying to find a source of income. A system that penalizes women who try to work part-time or go to school in order to create a better life for themselves and their children. "Owen" should have done some research to find out how welfare really works, before minimizing the people who have no choice but to use it.

Nikki Leigh - Author said...

I read the comment that Owen should do his research and have something of substance to say. That's not who Owen seems to be to me. Of course, I could be wrong, but he doesn't seem to strive to be "politically correct". He has thoughts and beliefs and he freely shares them with anyone who will listen. But, could be wrong about that :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all who commented. In response to the dialogue between E_Joyce and Nikki Leigh, re: the political correctness (or lack thereof) of Owen Fiddler - The unenlightened Owen at the beginning of the book (who answered Phil's questions) is far too self-serving and lazy to research, think through and consider the complexities and relative value of the welfare system. The good news is, the Owen Fiddler at the end of the book is quite the opposite of this jerk. Conflict and resolution. Tension and release. All part of the parable that is OWEN FIDDLER the book. If you stop in at a few of the blogs on the No Dead Trees Cyber tour, you will get a couple glimpses of the awakened Owen Fiddler as well.