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In an interview with Dyan Garris, Author, Money and Manifesting I asked her some questions about manifesting in a time when everyone is thinking scarcity. This is my second interview with her since the topic has gained renewed importance as food, oil and gas prices have begun to skyrocket. People trying to use the Law of Attraction in the current “recession” are trying to ease financial burdens. Dyan note’s that for many, nothing is happening. She says, “It is not enough to think positively, repeat affirmations and attract positive energy. We must implement and integrate this leaning.” In her new book, Dyan talks about belief systems that are impediments to a life of abundance. Factors such as fear, the duality of consciousness, karma, the concept of entitlement, the illusion of separateness, the illusion of limitation and of time are keys to understanding why efforts at manifestation fail. In truth, we manifest all of the time. We may not like what we manifest, but we must take responsibility for “all” that is in our life. With opening our internal energy centers, Chakras, as part of the real secret, Dyan and I talked about many of these issues.

Q. It is said we are a product of our past. Actually, some would say the past dictates the future. What, in your opinion, are the major obstacles in one’s past that need to be overcome or “deleted” to effectively free our minds to pursue our own dreams?

A. From a different point of view it can be said that there is no past and there is no future. It depends on how one conceptualizes time. I will, however, answer your question in terms of earthbound perspective. To effectively move forward on the path, we need to look at belief systems that were taught to us as a foundation and study where those belief systems came from in the first place and why we believe them. The biggest obstacles in this arena are fear, the concept of money as it relates to self-worth, and the illusion of limitation. Any fear based belief system is an obstacle to moving forward, because fear keeps us stuck. Also, keep in mind that freeing our minds is just one step in pursuing our dreams. We don’t create with just the power of our minds.

Q. To what extent do you feel that religious beliefs prevent people from utilizing the LOA?

A. I can see that to some extent people may feel that the Law of Attraction is not simpatico with their religious beliefs. If the religious concern about utilizing the Law of Attraction has to do with “God providing,” then people could try to understand that The Law of Attraction is a universal law, sort of like gravity. It isn’t a religious thing. It simply is. If we’re looking at a religious belief that teaches “money is the root of all evil” or the “pursuit of money is evil,” I could see how that could get in a person’s way. But it isn’t really money that’s evil. Money is simply a means of exchange. It’s the glorifying of the money that’s at the heart of the religious objection. Wherever one’s religious beliefs or any beliefs are fear-based, this gets in the way of moving forward in any direction. It is important to understand that in general, and right now the manner in which the Law of Attraction is being utilized is as a warped distortion of what the ego wants, rather than what God wants. The Law of Attraction is not meant to be used by itself as a way to get what one wants. It’s one step in the process of manifesting. The Law of Attraction works best when one’s own will is first aligned with universal/God’s will.

Q. How does one overcome these beliefs?

A. Most people think that by making a change this will change their entire foundation and completely shake up who they think they are. This is not so. But it isn’t really a matter of overcoming one’s religious beliefs. It’s a matter of overcoming fear. And in order to do that, one would have to get to the very root of the fear and then have a desire to not be afraid. So it isn’t that you chuck your religious beliefs. It’s that you incorporate the truth instead of fear. You open your mind to endless possibilities and realize that we’re living in an illusion. No matter what the religious beliefs are the truth is that fear and love cannot exist in the same place. We cannot serve two masters, so to move forward we need to pick one. It’s really a matter of being willing to align your free will with your universal purpose and be willing to get out of your illusions. The concept of “lack” did not originate from “God.”

Q. How does a person deal with the pressures of church, family, friends and even the media when it comes to altering ingrained belief systems.

A. You give yourself permission to just be who you are and do whatever it is you came here to do. You give yourself permission to move past the illusion of limitations that don’t even belong to you in the first place. If your concept of self-worth is not coming from the outside, you are capable of validating your own parking ticket.

Q. We believe we are sick, sinners, the product of our environment and society. How do people effectively end the reign of “dogmatic terror?”

A. We need to examine why we persist in believing in the concepts of fear-based and punishing beliefs regarding religion. We are here to learn about love and grow and we have chosen to believe in this illusion and other illusions that give us room to learn and grow. What we believe certainly has dominion over us. Ending the reign of “dogmatic terror” becomes a matter of choosing to believe what is true rather than what is illusion.

Q. In order or rank, please list the major obstacles (and reasons) people need to overcome to master control of their lives.

A. 1. Fear – Nothing is created from a place of fear. The power is in the love.
2. Fear of losing money and possessions – We have convinced ourselves that we need money and possessions to survive. If we didn’t have these we would figure out a different way to exchange and a different way to live. There is nothing to be afraid of.
3. The illusion of limitation – If we believe that we cannot, then we cannot. If we believe that money is going to solve all our problems and we will just wait until we win the lottery or have enough of it to live life on our terms, then we truly have missed the point of our lives.

Q. Is it necessary to alter the social paradigm of lack and scarcity for an individual to achieve manifestation success? How do they combat the constant onslaught of negative media regarding how “bad” things are?

A. Change that affects everyone does actually begin on an individual level. So those mastering manifestation individually are already helping to shift the entire paradigm. Eventually that shift ripples into mass consciousness and begins to shift on a collective level. It helps to examine at a basic level what we are really afraid of. Are we afraid of not having houses and cars? And why? Fear is a vibration that emanates and permeates. An individual can achieve manifestation success by first understanding that the Law of Attraction is a function of the mind and understanding that is but one step in the process. Combating the negative onslaught becomes a matter of what you are willing to vibrate to and what you are willing to invest your energy in.

Q. How does one manifest abundance when “everyone” says there is lack?

A. Abundance depends on how you define it. There are different forms of abundance. One could actually manifest an abundance of lack. Belief systems shape reality. By not “buying in” to lack, you’re not investing in it. If you aren’t invested in it, you can’t “lose” anything. People need to learn to co-create. It’s how we are intrinsically and biologically designed to create. At the point that you’re consciously co-creating and living in synchronicity, “lack” is an illusion.
I would encourage all who seek to fend of the “sling and arrows” of outrageous food and gas prices to read Dyan’s book. There is no scarcity, only the belief in scarcity will keep you from sharing in the abundance that “appears” reserved for the few.

Q. Most people never heard of Chakras, how do you overcome the notion that this is some strange eastern concept that is not appropriate to the western thought? Even the Dali Llama has said people in the West should not adopt a Buddhist way of thinking and yet that is what you are suggesting. Is there anything in Western thought that would correspond to the whole concept of energy centers that would be more “appetizing” to the average person?

A. I find it sad that spiritual and religious leaders still believe in and promulgate the illusion of separation. However, what the Dali Lama said here is probably taken out of context. I’ve been seeing Chakras since I was a small child. At the time I just didn’t have a word, label, or category for what I was seeing. I’m not a Buddhist. And as a child it never occurred to me to label Chakras as East or West. Our labels are taught to us. The concept of energy centers is very simple. We have our physical bodies. We have our spiritual bodies, our aura, and that includes our Chakras. To me it’s like saying that teeth are part of a different or strange way of thinking. Teeth are teeth. Chakras are Chakras. Everything has its purpose. Just as an arm or a leg is part of the physical body, Chakras are simply part of the spiritual body.
Part of the purpose of Chakras is to provide the connection between your physical reality and your soul. If you truly didn’t understand the function of an arm or a leg, you might think it was a strange thing. But when you learned that this really had a specific function and you learned to use it in a way that helps you, then perhaps it would cease to seem so odd. And most importantly, in order for us to move forward as a species, West really needs to meet East in an integrative effort. It’s what we’re currently trying to learn on individual levels in the guise of manifesting. That’s what’s going to shift everything ultimately, “integration.”

Q. People’s social, political, spiritual, moral and ethical values are very scattered and disjointed these days. You want people to integrate body, mind and spirit. Keep it simple, how do people do that in an age where everything is changing so rapidly?
A. We do that simply by remembering who we are and what we came here to do.

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Nikki Leigh - Author said...
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Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Thank you for hosting Dyan again. You are right, with the overall situation getting worse - we all need to learn more about how to make our lives better and how to manifesting the things we need. I forgot to mention to you that Dyan has a class coming up soon. I'll include some details -

Dyan is offering a FREE teleclass for anyone who has read Money and Manifesting - if you haven't already read the book, visit Dyan's website to order a copy - The class will be held May 21, 22 and 23 for 45 minutes each evening.

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Let us know any questions about the class. She's going to cover a lot of great information to help people who are having problems manifesting.

Nikki Leigh

useektravel said...

The question is..Is there a solution to not becoming a statistic of the economy?

To find out more check out my site that discusses more about same topic. "What's Your Plan B?"

Torilink said...

Hey Philip - good interview! Thanks for posting.

Dyan said, "Fear – Nothing is created from a place of fear. The power is in the love."

so true. Love is really acceptance and without acceptance of what is - right now, we are merely projecting our fears into the outer world. When we can become conscious of our fears as Dyan suggests and accept it and allow ourselves to BE - the greatest shift happens.