Sunday, July 15, 2007


Newly released scientific data concludes that we, earth and our solar system are aliens to the Milky Way galaxy. In a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts called the TWO-Micron All Star Survey it was concluded that our solar system was actually born in a galaxy called the Sagittarius Dwarf. This small galaxy, some 10,000 times less dense than the Milky Way, was actually orbiting the much bigger and stronger Milky Way. Over time, the power of the Milky Way’s gravitational force began to pull in and pull apart the dwarf. We were actually created in that dwarf galaxy and have been sucked into the Milky Way.
Ever wonder why the Milky Way appears at right angles to the earth? This finding solves the mystery. We actually are a part of the Sagittarius System and rather than circling around the Milky Way we have been moving somewhat perpendicular. But now our home system is so depleted and torn apart it is near its end as the Milky Way consumes the stars.
If this is true then our entire way of thinking about our place in the Universe must be revisited. We are not from where we think we were from. We have been part of a different galaxy that has been trapped nearly destroyed by the Milky Way. We are only just now settling into our new position that is aligned with the ecliptic of the Milk Way and our solar system is being exposed to massive amounts of new cosmic energy.
There is a lot of science going on here and I do not pretend to fathom all of its implications. What is certain is that science will have to think anew about thinks like dark matter and the way in which galaxies merge.
Are there implications for earth? The study says yes. Since we are now in a more energetic system, our sun is burning hotter. Recent changes have been observed on Pluto, new auroras have emerged on Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have undergone polar shifts, Jupiter’s energy is growing, biosphere quality is changing on Mars, and an early stage atmosphere is appearing on our moon. Basically, energy shifts are occurring throughout the solar system and we are not immune.
The study says that we of the Sagittarius Dwarf have only just now settled into the powerful arms of the Milky Way. We will experience higher energy levels and do not rule out the current global warming as a partial consequence of being adopted into our new home; all the more reason not to exacerbate the problem with our polluting ways. It is even suggested that the Mayan calendar may end in 2012 because they did not know the consequences of entering into our new home. Is polarity shift possible? It has happened on two other planets so there is no reason to think it will not happen here. Actually, new NASA information has already picked a movement in the Earth’s poles.
Is all of this the End of Days? The answer has to be yes and no. It is the end of days as a solar system in the Sagittarian Dwarf, but is the beginning of a new day in the more energetic Milky Way. One cannot help but wonder why this information is not getting more air time on the news. This is a happening on a galactic scale but little seems to be in the news. What do they know that we don’t? I would suggest that we all hold on to our hats as we may be in for one hell of a galactic ride.


Lisa McGlaun said...

My husband is an amateur astronomer. I ran right upstair with my laptop in hand to show him this article. It's news to us and it definately does make you think about our place in the cosmos and many other deep philosophical ideas. It's making my brain

Philip Harris said...

It is just a theory but it is certainly interesting-thank you for your comment! Stop by any time.