Thursday, May 17, 2007


While I regret the loss of anyone I do not regret the loss of the Falwell ideology. I find the basic philosophy of the fundamentalist movement of any religion essentially divisive and far removed from the teachings they claim to champion. Movements such as the Moral Majority can be equated with the similar Muslim movements that are plaguing Iraq, Palestine, Iran, Somalia and other Middle Eastern nations. The god may be called by a different name but these movements all preach one thing, hatred.

Jerry Falwell began the Moral majority in 1979 to fight abortion rights. This group is largely attributed with the success of the Reagan campaign and began the rise of Christian conservatism. Condemning everyone who differed with their ideology, this group condemned homosexuality, abortion, Muslims and anyone who did not live up to their standards of morality. Evangelists such as Falwell and Jim Baker soaked millions from those who bought into their causes and violated the basic tenets of the inner teachings of scripture.

I find little difference between groups such as the now defunct Moral Majority and the plague of Muslim fundamentalism sweeping the East. A philosophy that treats all as sinners except those that follow their dogma does nothing but divide humanity into warring religious factions as they battle to glorify themselves, not the beliefs of the great spiritual Avatars. These kinds of groups seek money and power by demonizing those that oppose them and their actions go contrary to the humanitarian concepts upon which they are supposedly based.

The history of organized religions is written in the blood of their followers and those innocent people who simply seek to live a happy and peaceful life. While not negating the good works and intentions of the followers of such institutions, the facts remain that most religious institutions have become self serving and more concerned with self-preservation and dominance than with creating a world of tolerance, brotherly love and peace. Even the recent comments by the Pope regarding the evil Muslims and his depiction of Native Americans wanting and waiting to be proselytized by their conquerors are further examples of this destructive and institutionalized ego.

The Crusades, the Inquisition, and even wholesale genocides have their basis in fundamentalist ideas and concepts. The West colonized Africa to assuage the “white man’s” burden. We destroyed Native American spiritual thought in order to save the “heathen.” We burn the Pagan at the stake because if they are not Christian, they must worship the devil. We kill because you are Sunni or because you are Shiite, even though you are both Muslim. The Muslims attack the Hindu’s and the Hindu’s the Muslims. In all of these tragedies the name of some god is evoked.

To me, all of this is insanity. Those who are considered the spiritual teachers of this world never condoned such violence and yet fundamental movements are said to be based upon their teachings. While I offer my regrets to Mr. Falwell’s family for their loss, it is my sincere hope that no one rises to take his place.

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